City or BUST!

All our coffees are sourced under the label.

We currently roast all our coffee to 420 degrees or "city".

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  • What is the SPP?

    We are so proud to be part of the SPP community. All our coffee beans are purchased under fair trade and SPP in partnership with Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

    Now you might be wondering what the SPP actually is and this comes directly from their website which you can find below. The SPP is an intercontinental network of ecological small producer organizations. In partnership with committed companies and consumers and also legitimized by independent certification. The producers of these cooperatives fight for the recognition of their work and high quality products, a dignified life, and a healthy planet for all.

    The SPP is a 100% producer owned initiative. These prices are based on real costs of production which in turn reflects on the costs of treating not only the land with care, but also their people as well. This provides a high quality product that is organic, agroecological, and healthy. As well as providing complete traceability from the producer to the consumer. This gives a living income for producers and their families in these countries along with independent certification.

    Within the SPP there are currently 117 small producer organizations, 26 producer countries, 40 consumer countries, and 500 million families in Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

    For more information please visit the SPP Coop website by clicking the learn more about SPP button below or by watching this 5 minute informative video directly from SPP.

    SPP Explained in 5 Minutes